How well do the following statements describe your 501(C)3 organization? Take this provocative survey and see if your organization has the management tools that your valuable program needs to grow and deliver impact.



Don’t know = 0

Disagree Strongly = 0

Disagree Somewhat = 0

Agree Somewhat = 1

Agree Strongly = 3



0-5  points  Most non-profits are stuck in this category– many with terrific programs. Your homework: read Dan Pallotta’s Uncharitable, Ken Stern’s With Charity for All, and Jim Collins’s Good to Great and Great by Choice.  Recruit some volunteers with successful experience scaling businesses.  Check out all the free guidance on  Write a business plan, get a dashboard, and then execute your pipelines with focus and discipline.

5-10 points  Figure out what you need to do to get to 3′s in every category. You should be shooting to double your budget in 6-18 months. And then double it again. Unless, of course, you’ve already solved the world’s problems. In the social profit world, you should go big or go home.

21-24 points  Nicely done. Too many people think using sound business practices turns you into an exploitative robot. But you’ve figured out how to use these capitalist tools to help fix the system. Way to be, thought leader.