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32 Theses about Nonprofit Compensation

Just in time for our December workshop on the topic, our friend and accomplished nonprofit leader Jon Stahl published this provocative post, 32 Theses about Nonprofit Compensation.

Our favorites:

4. The skills and talent nonprofits need to solve big social problems are complex . We need to be able to draw in people with a broad range of experiences, skills and talents. Failure to do this not only hurts us tactically, it limits us strategically.

9. The skills that nonprofits must master to succeed in the twenty-first century are rapidly converging with the skills that organizations in other sectors must master to succeed.

27. The overhead myth, preferences for new programs over proven effectiveness, underinvestment in leadership development, failure to admit and embrace failure — these phenomena all contribute to unhealthy ideologies about compensation in the nonprofit sector.

What are your thoughts? Want to tackle this issue in your own organization and position it for scaled-up impact? Join our workshop on December 9: Everyone at this non-profit got a 30% raise in one year – what they did and how you can do it too.

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