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Altruist Partners Expands to California and Oregon with Suzie Haberland

Altruist Partners is pleased to announce that Suzie Haberland has joined the team and will be working to help good nonprofits in Northern California become great.

Haberland has worked in the private, public, social sectors for more than two decades with emphasis on building new functions and concepts and transforming organizations. She connected with Altruist Partners in Seattle where she worked with Starbucks for 14 years developing and implementing its business and technology programs.

She’s an expert at helping organizations achieve their strategic business goals.

“I believe in the potential of people, ideas, and organizations. I know a project is a success if the solution came from a team of people who are growing, learning, and happy – and when customers are constantly delighted,” she said.

“Altruist Partners has a formula that unleashes the underlying strength of the nonprofit so it’s free to reach its full potential and impact,” she said. “It’s quite simple, but it’s not easy. It takes courage – and letting go– to really see and achieve the possibilities.”

“We’re thrilled to add Suzie Haberland to our team of some of the greatest leaders in the nonprofit and business worlds,” said Donald Summers, director and founder of Altruist Partners. “She brings energy and passion – and powerful experience.”

Haberland is especially interested in working with nonprofits that focus on arts, environment, health, child and animal welfare.

Contact Suzie Haberland at:

Altruist Partners, based in Seattle, helps nonprofits transform into powerful social enterprises. We partner with funders and work side-by-side with clients to deliver results that are clear and consistent, including sustained and often dramatic growth in revenue and impact.

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