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Altruist Partners Names Robert Harrahill to Expand Focus on Nonprofit Schools

Altruist Partners is pleased to announce that Robert Harrahill will be leading the firm’s expanded focus on nonprofit schools and education as we start the New Year.

“Altruist Partners really wants to service this critical sector and Rob is precisely the right person for it,” said Donald Summers, director and founder of Altruist Partners.  “He speaks the language of schools, and he has a strong track record of success.”

Harrahill has more than 15 years experience specializing in enrollment management and increasing philanthropic revenue in the independent school sector.  He is a well-known and active member of the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS) –  a seven-state association dedicated to assisting schools in providing high quality education.  

“When I learned about the Altruist Partners methodology, I knew right away that this is the direction nonprofit schools have to move,” said Harrahill.  “It’s key to think about donors as investors – it’s a long term proposition.  It’s critical to lead with a vigorous business plan rather than a static vision.”

For more than a decade, Harrahill has helped organize trainings for independent school advancement staff and has served as a mentor for both admissions directors and development directors.  Additionally he was instrumental in developing a regional group-marketing effort that expanded into the creation of the Puget Sound Independent Schools network.   

Most recently Harrahill helped Hamlin Robinson School increase their capacity, dramatically boosting the number  of students served from 100 to over 3,000, and growing their philanthropic revenue from $120,000 annually to nearly $900,000  – all while conducting a successful $20 million building project.  

“Schools, like other successful enterprises, have to actively plan today for big projects that are five years down the road,” said Harrahill.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Harrahill graduated from Oregon State University where he focused on liberal studies programs, economics and political science.

Altruist Partners, based in Seattle, helps nonprofits transform into powerful social enterprises. We partner with funders and work side-by-side with clients to deliver results that are clear and consistent: sustained and often dramatic growth in revenue and impact.

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