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An open letter to Dan Pallotta

Dear Dan,

We all love you. You’ve moved an important conversation forward about the charitable sector. You are a great influence on me and my firm’s work.

So I want to help you. Because you need it.

It’s ironic you are kicking off your fundraising for Charity Defense Council with the type of revenue strategy that has doomed the non-profit sector to a hand-to-mouth existence. (

A fundraising event? Dan, really? Fundraising events are so 1995. The smartest, most effective charities use events for donor acquisition, cultivation, and stewardship– not solicitation.

Dan, Dan, Dan. I know you are the master of the fundraising event, but the leaders in the sector are moving beyond it. Leave the low ROI stuff behind and grow better and faster with best practice enterprise strategy.

So. If you want to generate more revenue, faster and better, and in a way that only enhances your transparency, accountability, and impact, call us. We’ll be glad to help.


Donald Summers

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