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Hilltop Children’s Center – doubled revenue for a tenth of the cost

Hilltop Children’s Center is a high quality school and professional development institute of early learning and inquiry that has been serving the Seattle community since 1971. Working with the next generation of inventors, leaders, thinkers, artists, and social activists, Hilltop offers bright, curriculum-driven learning spaces and helps build a strong sense of community among children, parents, and staff.

In 2013, Hilltop completed the Altruist Partners enterprise performance process (Breakout Success). This week, Executive Director Liddy Wendell got in touch to report on the results:

“We just launched our third year of the Altruist Method, so I’m curious to see how it goes this year as I think it will offer more data on how we can expect Fish Wish (as we call it) to perform annually. So far so good, though. Fingers continually crossed (and lots of conversations…).”

As a result of Hilltop’s work with Altruist, they stopped leaning on a high-cost, ineffective annual fundraising event, and instead poured their energy into engaging individual conversations with their partners and investors (the effort they call Fish Wish).

“We went from spending a max of 29% of fundraising revenue on expense to only spending 3% last year! And we brought in so much more money as well!”

Liddy is excited about how this revenue has enabled significantly increased impact. She enumerates these impacts she has seen just this year:

  • Children have more consistent support in the classroom as we’ve been able to pilot a shift from a multiple substitute model to a Support Educator model.
  • Educators are now spending their time writing documentation about your child instead of continually restarting their computers, thanks to a critical investment in new technology.
  • More children from families with higher financial need are able to attend Hilltop, and we have been able to help more families during the year who have run into unexpected financial challenges.
  • And, indirectly, but in part because of the financial health of the organization as demonstrated by Fish Wish, the Board was able to confidently approve a 10% raise for educators.

“Wow! What an impact you made!​”

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