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People, Profits, Planet

Creating high-performing organizations that do good

Donald Summers, founder of Altruist Partners, recently sat down with Joe Woodard of the Woodard Institute, to discuss their new partnership and working together.

The Woodard Institute transforms small businesses by providing training, resources, coaching and networking for small business advisors.  Altruist Partners works to transform nonprofit organizations into powerful social enterprises.

While they work in different worlds, they discovered plenty of similarities – and opportunities to learn from each other.

Summers said, that in the last half-century, fewer than 200 nonprofts have scaled past $50 million in revenue; but during that same period, 65,000 for profits have. What are they doing differently? 

Here are a few lines from the full interview:

What is Altruist Partners?

Summers: We’re taking the best tools and strategies from the for-profit world and combining them with the wonderful programs and people of the nonprofit world and creating a social enterprise.

We know we can help nonprofits grow; we have a step-by-step system. It’s not easy – no one ever said growing a business is easy. But, the nonprofits that do it, grow 25 percent a year.

Something Radically New

Woodard: The for-profit world has a lot to learn from the nonprofit world, too. So many for-profits are so focused on the bottom line and efficiencies … they don’t focus on the effectiveness they have on their clients – as measured in the client’s well being, and profitability as a component of that.

If we could take the values of your community, and the values of our community, the community of accountants that the ProAdvisors serve, we could create something radically new.

That’s Called a Social Enterprise

Summers: We are trying to create high performing organizations that are doing good. We want to help people. Yes, we want to make a profit. Yes, we want to protect our people and help our planet. People, profits, planet.

The Sweet Spot

Woodard: It’s that middle ground between the for-profit and the nonprofit that is where the world needs to go. I think we can do some great work together.

For the full interview:

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