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Test: answer these 3 questions in 200 words or fewer

After years of helping non-profits, we’ve boiled everything down to the essentials, inventing our own tools along the way. 

Our approach to the old “mission, vision, and values” exercise is a good example.  First, this exercise almost always results in boring, vague language.  Usually there is the word “community” and “high potential” and of course… wait for it… “empowered.”

There is a better way.  Describe what your non-profit is doing by answering the three questions below.  And limit your answer to 200 words for all three answers.

1) What problem are you solving?

2) How can you prove you are the best in the world at solving it?

3) What does success look like?

If you can do it, chances are good you have a much more powerful, focused value proposition, the first page of a world class business plan.

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