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The Real Story on Impact

Many social-sector thinkers are still writing about how to measure non-profit impact.Perry Yeatman highlighted some general approaches in her suggested 5 New Year’s Resolutions About Nonprofit Measurement at The Chronicle of Philanthropy, and David Hessekiel’s post last week at Forbes, Here’s How to Maximize Your Social Impact, advises business leaders to lead nonprofits they support incrementally toward impact focus.

But if we think of non-profits as enterprises, wherein a large and established body of strategic and business planning tools and methodologies is relevant, the conversation about impact takes a much more powerful and effective turn. We move from tentative steps at defining impact, to comprehensive, concise, useful ways to reach for sustainability and scale– and true impact.

As we’ve said before, business and nonprofit communities should learn from each other. Articles by Ryan Seashore at TechCrunch, Amr Al-Dabbagh at Fortune, and Mohan Sivaloganathan at Fast Company just in the last week highlight the power of this crisp approach.

Come see what we are talking about: our next seminar on the topic focuses on the transformative power of impact orientation within organizations. You will leave with useful frameworks and specific tools to apply to your organization right away.

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