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The Secret to Cold Calling? Stop Stalling.

Successful nonprofit professionals make a lot of phone calls, including the dreaded cold calls.

Most development and executive directors would recoil if they were compared to telephone solicitors. They would not pressure anyone for contributions or “dial for dollars.” Yet successful phone solicitors do one thing that makes them successful: they simply make a lot of calls.

So how do you make cold calls that really work?

The key to successful cold calling is making those calls you’re afraid to do. It’s easy to come up with excuses: “I need to do some more research on this person and her charitable giving” or a hundred other reasons. The best thing is to make the call you’re afraid to make. Stop stalling. Pickup the phone. Now dial.

But it’s so easy to let your fears paralyze you and you don’t dial! The most successful nonprofit professionals know that the best thing to do is to just get started calling right away. Every moment you spend dreading cold calls subtracts time and energy from actually getting it done. Professionals who learn to consistently make cold calls stand out and get results.

Live and dial by the Nike slogan “Just Do It.”

Successful cold calling produces positive results when you work insanely hard. Acknowledge your fears but don’t get stuck in them. Make your calls. Get rejected? Pickup the phone and make another call – just do it!

Being a stellar cold caller has nothing to do with your family history, your education or your title. It has everything to do with taking action, being persistent and committing yourself to making cold calls.

Longstanding cold calling success comes when you go through your fears and take action. Pick up the phone and make those calls you’re afraid to do. That’s how you make cold calls that really work.

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