1. What it Takes to Achieve Broad Impact

    The highest-performing impact organizations—those with products or services that make a profound difference in the world, be it in health, human services, arts, the education, or the environment—possess two discrete characteristics: 1) high quality products or services proven to create a significant improvement at the point of interface, what can be called depth of impact, and 2) high quantity of delivery, meaning that the organization has the resources, leverage and/or infrastructure to deliver its the product or services everywhere they are needed—what can be called breadth of impact.

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  2. The Power of Managing your Cost-Per-Dollar

    Most small to mid-sized non-profits have important, high-potential programs and skilled, dedicated staff, but the vast majority are in moderate to severe financial distress. Survey any group of nonprofit executive directors and board members about their top concerns for their organization, and it’s likely that fundraising is at or near number one.

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  3. The Alchemy of Passion

    This article, written by O. David Jackson, was first published in spring 2017. It appeared in InSIGHTS, a publication from the Albers School of Business and Economics at Seattle University. read more »

  4. The New Thinking in Nonprofit Revenue

    Most small to mid-sized non-profits have important, high-potential programs and wonderful people, but the vast majority are in moderate to severe financial distress. At best, they suffer from flat or lethargic growth. The reason for this is clear: the tools and strategies they use haven’t changed in decades. They long ago lost their effectiveness. read more »

  5. 10 Ways to Spot the Best Nonprofits

    There’s lots of talk out there about how to tell a non-profit performer from a pretender. And for good reason. The lack of transparency and accountability in this $1.5 trillion dollar sector– 10% of our economy– has reached crisis proportions. Witness the piece in the Tampa Bay Times, America’s Worst Charities, that shows how orgs with trust-inspiring names like “The Cancer Fund of America” are really scams that bilk people out of millions. And now, Pro Publica has exposed the brazen lies of the Red Cross.  When even venerable charities like the Red Cross are scamming their donors, whom can you trust? read more »

  6. Strategic Plans Cripple Nonprofits. Here’s the Cure.

    Most every nonprofit thinks they are all set and ready to go when their strategic plan is done. This is a tragic mistake. Because in nearly every one of the many hundreds–thousands?– of nonprofit strategic plans we have read, fuzzy thinking dominates.  Here’s the good news: there’s something much better. It’s a familiar tool used by tens of thousands of organizational leaders, every day of year, all around the world. And it holds the key to your organization’s transformation from a small, struggling nonprofit into a thriving, high performance enterprise that has a real shot at saving the world. read more »

  7. Let’s Combine What’s Great About For Profits and Nonprofits.

    Too often, the business and non-profit communities point out each other’s flaws. What they should be doing is learning from each other.  Business people complain that nonprofits are ineffective and need to run more like, well, businesses. Nonprofits respond by saying that the complexities of nonprofits are unique and hard to appreciate. They are also quick to retort that it is big business that devours the ecosystem and keeps employees in poverty. read more »

  8. Take This Quiz: Are You a Nonprofit or a Social Enterprise?

    How well do the following statements describe your 501(C)3 organization? Give yourself 1 point if the description matches little or not at all; 2 points if there is a partial match; and 3 if there is a good to strong match. read more »

  9. Before You Write that Holiday Gift Appeal…

    Are you a charity gearing up for your holiday gift appeal?  Don’t do it.  You and every other non-profit—if you live in a city, there are thousands within a few miles of you—are all churning out the same emotional letters.  Stop. Think about the people receiving your letter.  read more »

  10. Our Secrets for Growing Nonprofits 25% a Year

    Have you ever heard of a process that is proven to help nonprofits overcome chronic management, performance and financial barriers, one that allows them to capture their full potential and grow 25% annually? One that works consistently across organizational type, field, size and location? read more »

  11. Required Reading for Social Sector Leaders

    If we had a magic wand, we would bring together all the following people who work with nonprofits: board members, staff, volunteers, and financial supporters and stakeholders of all stripes (individuals, corporate officers, foundation staff, agency officials, and customers). We would have everyone commit the following six books to memory and then discuss the key issues they point to.
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  12. Donor Analytics Done Right

    Time to tell the hard truth: fewer than 1% of nonprofit development offices measure the right things. And their orgs are suffering serious opportunity costs as a result.
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  13. The Seven Types of Nonprofits

    After working with hundreds of nonprofits over a couple of decades, helpful patterns emerge. My firm creates partnerships with nonprofits to help them grow, so we need to quickly discern the performers from the pretenders, or otherwise we would waste our time and get bad results. So we’ve developed the framework below to keep the confusion and attrition low and our results great.
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  14. Is Your Nonprofit World Class?

    Does your nonprofit have what it takes to change the world for the better? Find out with this short, 15-question survey.
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  15. Business Plan Breakthrough

    A board member for one of our clients recently told a story about trying to engage the owner of the company where she works. She wanted to get him interested in the work the nonprofit was doing. For 9 years, she persistently mentioned it at every opportunity. Without fail, he would always brush her off and suggest she talk to Marketing about available budget to support her cause. Without the owner’s support, that led nowhere. read more »