1. Altruist’s new home: Impact Hub Seattle

    ALTRUIST has long been a part of the Impact Hub community, and with a growing team, we’ve moved into new offices.

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  2. Announcing Altruist’s new CEO and Managing Partner, O. David Jackson

    Altruist is delighted to announce an important evolution in our management and leadership: the appointment of O. David Jackson as our new CEO and Managing Partner. David takes over the position from Donald Summers, who assumes the role of Chief Evangelist and Founding Partner. The appointment is effective immediately.
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  3. Client Success Spotlight: Sherwood

    Sherwood is one of Altruist’s most recent clients to complete the Breakout Success process. We are proud to be Sherwood’s strategic partner and a catalyst for accelerating their growth and impact. We look forward to supporting their work over the long term to build a more inclusive community for all of us.

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  4. Beta Hatch: Next-Gen Food Tech

    The world needs more food. A lot more food. But arable land and water grow more scarce by the day, and many people are understandably concerned by current solutions. Frankenfoods and chemically-driven industrial agriculture produce a lot of food, but side effects like pollution, erosion, and health problems make the whole system look very scary. We all love our local farm-to-table produce, but let’s be real: that system won’t scale to feed the tens of millions who are starving now. read more »

  5. Freedom Project Commits to Serving Every Inmate in WA State

    The U.S. imprisons more of its citizens than any other country – 2.2 million people, the largest proportion in the world. While the total cost to taxpayers is $65 billion per year, the social and emotional cost of incarceration and life after prison is incalculable.
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  6. Eastside Academy: accelerating toward a solution for vulnerable youth.

    Each year in Washington State, approximately 10,000 children are expelled from our public schools. Suffering from poverty, trauma, crime, abuse, and addiction, they are our most vulnerable youth. Yet our schools cannot not meet their needs. The results? These young people suffer dramatically higher rates of homelessness, drug abuse, suicide and incarceration.
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  7. Kim Langenhahn Joins Altruist, Starts Altruist Office in Washington DC

    Altruist announces the newest addition to our firm: Kim Langenhahn, who joins us as the founding partner of our DC office. “Kim’s energy and enthusiasm for this work, coupled with her outstanding experience in both the private and nonprofit sectors, make her a vital part of the Altruist team,” says Managing Director, Donald Summers. “She’s been a business leader and change agent all over the world. We are thrilled to count her as a colleague to help our clients accelerate.”
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  8. Altruist Opens London Office, Welcomes New Partner

    Altruist Partners is proud to introduce the newest member of our team: Danielle Lovell-Jones. Danielle will spearhead our new London office, bringing us her expertise in social impact design, law, and advocacy. read more »

  9. What Are We Up to at Altruist?

    Our friends, colleagues and clients often ask us what we are working on here at Altruist. It’s not a simple answer. Altruist is a social enterprise and nonprofit accelerator that is program agnostic. In other words, we can help anyone who wants to scale up a socially beneficial program. read more »

  10. Big Progress with Impact Investments

    For a decade, we at Altruist have helped our clients accelerate their income in five revenue domains: individuals, foundations, corporations, government agencies, and earned income. Now, with a number of multi-million dollar wins under our belt, we can add one more: impact investing.
  11. People, Profits, Planet: Creating high-performing organizations that do good

    Donald Summers, founder of Altruist Partners, recently sat down with Joe Woodard of the Woodard Institute, to discuss their new partnership and working together.  The Woodard Institute transforms small businesses by providing training, resources, coaching and networking for small business advisors. Altruist Partners works to transform nonprofit organizations into powerful social enterprises.
  12. Why Context Matters: Sometimes a seemingly simple question can create an ah-ha moment

    At Altruist Partners we guide nonprofits to achieve radical increases in revenue and impact.  For many of our clients, thinking about what radical increases means is constrained by where they are today. And they remain constrained until they’re able to shift their thinking away from “what can we do with what we have” to “what will it take for us to deliver on our vision?” read more »

  13. Affording the Cost of Free

    At first glance, Hip-Hop and saving historic buildings might not sound like a natural match. Yet, in Seattle, two organizations were able to think outside the box to create a winning situation for both. read more »

  14. King County’s All Home Plan has Plenty of Room for Improvement

    King County has a growing homeless epidemic. In 2005 the Committee to End Homelessness was launched in King County with a grand goal of eradicating the county’s homeless problem in 10 years. The results? Today the homeless epidemic is even worse than when they started. read more »