Our friends, colleagues and clients often ask us what we are working on here at Altruist. It’s not a simple answer. Altruist is a social enterprise and nonprofit accelerator that is program agnostic. In other words, we can help anyone who wants to scale up a socially beneficial program.

What’s this look like? In practice, we engage with organizations large and small, from the startup to the global enterprise, primarily nonprofit with the occasional for-profit, everywhere from here in Seattle to major cities and developing regions around the world. Despite their incredible diversity, all our clients share a number of things in common. First, culturally, they are decidedly go big, or go home. Marginal impact? Nibbling around the edges of a problem with feel-good rhetoric? No. Our clients are shooting for the big wins, seeking nothing less than world-changing outcomes. They demonstrate the courage, optimism, grit, discipline, focus, and urgency needed to make it happen. We are incredibly honored to be counted as their strategic thought partners and business guides.

Here are a few examples of this in action:

  • The world’s leading sustainable seafood certification has hired us to develop its business plan, assist its expansion into new markets, and diversify and deepen its revenue. The goal is nothing less than protecting and preserving the diversity of life in the oceans.
  • One of the nation’s largest blood and tissue banks has retained us to develop a comprehensive business plan, expand its revenue, and develop an aggressive research agenda to extend lifesaving innovations and products around the world.
  • We’re helping a technology startup in the online identity space go global—they are deploying the underlying technology for bitcoin to give people robust, independent, and secure global online identities. This game-changing technology has the potential to make passports and driver’s licenses obsolete, among other things.
  • We’re helping leaders in the food and agriculture system develop a plan and financing to transition the states of Montana and Massachusetts away from industrial monoculture and toward local, sustainably grown food.
  • A statewide educational assistance organization that serves over 20,000 students has asked us to help it reframe its model for even deeper impact and scale.
  • We’re helping a human services agency dramatically extend and expand the help it provides to children and adults with disabilities.
  • We’re helping an area housing agency transition to impact investments to accelerate the rate of affordable housing development by over 1000%.

Solving the world’s problems is difficult and complicated work, filled with the risk of failure. It takes a great team, a fantastic program, and no small measure of shameless audacity and resiliency to be successful. We’ve learned the hard way, after a decade of trial and error, what does and doesn’t work. We are proud that clients completing our Breakout Success process grow at 25% annually and post dramatic gains in impact. It’s tremendously gratifying work, and we are grateful for our expanding community of partners, colleagues, friends, and clients doing this vital work.