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Basel Action Network


While this environmental advocacy organization had been in operation for years, its impact remained constrained by a small grant-funded annual budget. However, they had big dreams of educating the world about discarded electronics, the #1 source of toxic waste dumping in developing countries around the world. So they partnered with Altruist to attempt an audacious transformation to become a leading provider of social and environmental standards for the $30 billion global electronics recycling industry. 


Altruist led a business planning and execution process that transformed BAN’s informal corporate responsibility pledge into a global ISO 14001 certification in partnership with over 50 major global corporations such as Samsung, LG, Bloomberg and Capital One. The certification catalyzed sweeping changes in a global $30b recycling industry and significant reductions in hazardous waste dumping around the world. 

In addition to expanding corporate and philanthropic contributions over 100%, Altruist also developed the organization’s global licensing program that generated over $1m annually in new revenue. Public awareness milestones included an award winning 60 Minutes episode viewed by over 30 million and front-page articles on major media outlets worldwide. Other organizational development milestones included a suite of back-end business and accounting systems, expanding the board of directors, and establishing an industry advisory council. 


“Brilliant nonprofit advisors.”

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