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Case study

Basel Action Network

Challenge: A small environmental advocacy program of 3 employees and a grant-funded budget of $250k, the Basel Action Network exposed the scandal of electronic waste, the toxic dumping of used hardware in developing countries. They achieved worldwide press coverage and awareness, and they asked Altruist for help with business and strategy direction, revenue growth, and comprehensive support with execution to reform the global $50b trade in used electronics.


Altruist created a business plan in consultation with staff, stakeholders and industry partners; raised $500k in capital to fund the creation of an ISO electronic waste recycling standard; launched an intellectual property licensing campaign netting ~$1m annually; and earned endorsements from Samsung, LG, Bank of America, Capital One, Bloomberg, Dupont, and dozens of other corporate partners. Today, over 30% of the market in electronic waste is audited and 7 in 10 American consumers understand electronics should not be thrown in the trash.


Brilliant nonprofit advisors.

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