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California Mental Health Services Authority


Following a separation from the third-party entity that oversaw its administration, Cal MHSA needed to create a new organizational platform to deliver mental and behavioral health services to California residents. The challenge was immense: create a new platform to support people, systems, and processes.


Startup practices were followed to guide the organization to rapid turnaround and accelerated growth. After a performance assessment to identify current business operations and the greatest opportunities for improvement, a roadmap was created to 1) identify solutions to mission and resources; 2) hire new staff and executives to drive a mental and behavioral health systems change 3) expand the project portfolio to target specific needs such as an improved electronic health record system; and 4)  optimize the use of Salesforce.

Today, the California Mental Health Services Authority is independently operations with the State of California and many County Health partners. They have a clear strategic plan for achieving long-term goals. Key processes are now codified to streamline contracting, fiscal management, and project lifecycles. Leadership and staff are better trained on program management best practices. Automated customer relationship management tools help staff manage complex partner and funding relationships. 

Changes related to this engagement allow CalMHSA to pioneer cutting-edge programming, providing counties with an independent administrative and fiscal intergovernmental structure to support the mental and behavioral health of California residents.

Jennifer Fischer

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