New Growth Strategy
New Change Management Playbook
Successful Merger
Case study

Community Psychiatry (now MindPath Health)

Challenge: with skyrocketing demand for behavioral health treatment across the US, Community Psychiatry (now MindPath Health) sought new pathways to scale up its services and create more benefit for patients, providers and care teams. Their growth strategy included merging and acquiring similar practices across the country. However, previous attempts resulted in frustration and high turnover.  


Senior leaders engaged in a series of projects to achieve their growth and development goals, including a change management playbook; mapping the patient care journey; and measuring clinical outcomes. As a result, the organization achieved new direction around becoming a leader in outpatient behavioral health services and completed a merger process successfully, 

Dr Anthony Black

Altruist is terrific at crafting a big vision and then drilling down on the details. Smart, flexible, experienced, great strategic thinking.

Dr. Anthony Black

Founder, VITALtalk

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