Altruist provides our clients with a comprehensive set of services and supports to help them dramatically accelerate organizational performance, growth and impact. Our proven, practical solutions are affordable and remarkably effective for both small community based organizations to major institutions and multi-national NGOs: our clients breakthrough chronic restraints and consistently achieve growth and impact gains averaging 25% a year. For every dollar invested in our services and support, clients discover $25 in new and sustained revenue.

Practice Areas

Health & Human Services

We offer the most passionate, goal-oriented human service nonprofits a way to breakout of survival mode and achieve true success.

Arts, education, & media

We build teamwork among boards and staff, align program strategy and metrics, hire and train fundraising teams, and achieve breakthrough levels of revenue and results.

Environmental & sustainability

We can help with initiatives, campaigns and certification programs. We’ve built and run some of the most effective in the space for solving environmental challenges.


Performance auditing services


Altruist offers fast, accurate organizational diagnostics that identify your strengths and needs around you organization’s governance, staffing, programs, plans, fundraising, operations and finance. We identify key opportunities for organizational development and growth, new revenue, cost savings, happier people and partners, and maximum impact with a complete, data-driven picture of what to do next.

Strategic & business planning


Take your strategic plan to the next level: a world-class, investment-grade business plan, a comprehensive, concise roadmap containing your value proposition, goal articulation, strategy, milestones, metrics, timelines, finance and staffing. Critically, we don’t stop at helping you plan: we can go even further, assisting your execution with organizational development and change management.

Fundraising, earned revenue & impact capital


Altruist’s strategic and operational guidance enables clients to catalyze often dramatic increases in nonprofit revenue. We help our clients define which types of revenue are best and how to identify, cultivate, solicit and retain donors and investors, how to generate and sustain earned income, and how to build, manage and support your board and your fundraising teams to work in harmony with the entire organization.

Interim CEOs & Development Directors


For select clients, Altruist provides immediate, expert interim staffing. We help organizations with comprehensive support, building an effective management platform, creating a sustainable and scalable revenue engine, and bringing the change management and organizational development practices to create a supportive and positive culture that fosters high performance and engagement.

Impact Evaluation & Dashboards


Measuring the social, environmental or other non-financial benefits that nonprofits create is critical to your success and impact. Altruist helps clients create concise, accurate, quantitative measures framed in a user-friendly, at-a-glance format. Staff and boards can quickly find the the right data needs for program evaluation and improvement. And partners, funders and investors get the outcome data they are looking for. It’s all contained in a digital dashboard, a visually striking, compelling summaries of the quality and quantity of your impact, along with key financial and revenue metrics. Focus your board and staff, impress your partners and inspire your funders to new heights of generosity and commitment.

Organization & Board Development


Organizations of every type struggle with board leadership and staff alignment and performance, and nonprofits are no different. With Altruist’s sector-leading expertise around governance, board development, team building, culture and change management, your nonprofit can transform from survival to success. Our expertise on governance and corporate structure, financial and revenue management, CEO supervision and support, risk management, strategy, business planning, team building and organizational development provides Directors and Trustees the answers and guidance necessary to create and sustain high impact.

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