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Our practical, affordable solutions are effective for organizations of any size, from the community to the global level.
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Areas of Practice

Along side our growth and impact methodology, Altruist offers our clients subject matter expertise in the following areas: 


We catalyze dramatic increases in revenue, program performance and impact for environmental, conservation and sustainability efforts around the world. 


Educators & leaders can find answers to their toughest governance, program, financial & organizational development challenges.


Funders around the nation turn to Altruist for innovative, unique strategies and tools that power grantmaking success.

Human Services

The most passionate, goal-oriented human service nonprofits can break out of survival mode and achieve true impact.


Healthcare is shifting rapidly. We implement value-based purchasing solutions, solve chronic performance barriers, & develop new revenue streams.

Arts & Culture

Build teamwork among boards and staff, align program strategy and metrics, develop high-performing fundraising teams, and achieve breakthrough results.

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Lets Amplify
Your Impact

Begin with a pro bono analysis and consultation with your board and leadership team. Contact us and we’ll discuss the potential. Read our white papers and articles, each designed to give you clear, actionable information that moves you forward. And consider joining us for one of our powerful 1- and 2-day workshops.