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Nonprofits and mission-driven organizations of all types come to Altruist for proven, practical solutions to their toughest challenges

Our mission is to help you make even your most ambitious social impact goals a reality. 

Performance Assessment

Comprehensive report with mission-critical information.

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Business Planning

World-class, investment-grade business plans.

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Fundraising, Earned Revenue, Impact Capital

Revenue models that is best for you.

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Impact Evaluations & Dashboards

Accurate metrics and concise dashboards.

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Organization & Board Development

World-class, investment-grade business plans.

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Grant Writing

Win new public and private funds.

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Compassion and love give meaning to our activities and make them constructive.

– Dalai Lama

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Performance Assessment Capabilities

In just a few weeks, nonprofits can gain new insight about their performance around dozens of mission-critical success factors that are often ignored or misunderstood. The Altruist Performance Assessment delivers clear, actionable recommendations on how to improve teamwork, enhance governance, sharpen evaluation, accelerate outcomes, and identify new ways to earn and raise more money. 

• Your Altruist Performance Index: specific & accurate measures of what’s working and what needs work

• Detailed analysis of the 50 most important variables influencing organizational success

• Spotlight underlying causes of organizational friction and uncaptured potential


• Fundraising troubleshooting and opportunity identification

• Short, specific, actionable recommendations for improved board & staff function, team alignment & engagement

• Target opportunity for improved program design, use of data, efficiency and effectiveness of program execution

Business Planning

Altruist goes well beyond typical, soft-focus strategic plans. We lock elbows with you to create a world-class, investment-grade business plan that clearly defines success and exactly what it takes to get there. Crisp and concise, with metrics and financials, our plans outline your complete organizational architecture and the pathway to success. It’s your road map for enhanced teamwork, new partnerships and accelerated revenue.

• Strategic alignment and goal setting

• Value proposition definition

• Program design and modeling

• Growth and impact strategy

• Metrics and milestones

• Comprehensive revenue strategy

• Staffing development and projections

• Financial modeling & projections

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Fundraising, Earned Revenue,
and Impact Capital

Our clients experience dramatic and sustained increases in revenue. Our world-class expertise provides you the full spectrum of growth opportunity, including private gifts and grants; agency and corporate partnerships; and sophisticated earned revenue and impact investment practices. You’ll learn which types of revenue are best for you and follow a step-by-step process to spark and sustain your revenue growth.

Gifts and grants, public & private

• Earned income and entrepreneurial initiatives

• Impact capital

• Pay-for-performance 

• Strategy, tactics, operations, staffing

• Monitoring & evaluation

Impact Evaluation & Dashboard

Social impact requires good data: accurate metrics that are practical to collect and simple to analyze. We help you develop crisp, concise dashboards and scorecards to give leaders the right information at the right time for focused decision making. Compelling outcome data also fosters deeper relationships and bigger investments from partners, funders and investors.

• Quantitative and qualitative program assessment

• Leading & lagging metrics identification

• Quality improvement

• Reporting

• Data collection and workflow process

• Academic partnerships, evidence-based-practice standards

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Board of Directors Meeting

Organization & Board Development

Organizations of all types struggle with board engagement, staff alignment and execution, and nonprofits are no different. With our deep expertise in leadership, change management and organizational development, we are proven catalysts for creating focused, aligned, engaged governance, staff and volunteer teams.

• Team alignment, strategy definition, program design

• Disciplined and focused organizational execution

• Create consensus and buy-in around key organizational direction

• Cultural assessment and development

Grant Writing

Altruist’s team of top-tier grant writing professionals can help you win new public and private funds.

Your Partner for Funding Success

Nonprofit executives and fundraising teams are often consumed with grant research and writing, functions outside experts can perform with greater effectiveness and at lower cost. We offer clients support from some of the best grant experts in the country, ready to share their expertise and ong0ing support. 

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