A few of our many success stories

Case Studies

We help clients achieve dramatic gains in performance, growth and impact, a track record without peer in the social sector. Our work is grounded in our proven entrepreneurial methodology and decades of practice with hundreds of nonprofits and social enterprises around the world, from startups to global organizations.

Altruist led Treehouse’s effort to plan, finance and execute a true social sector moonshot: double high school graduation rates for foster youth across Washington. We succeeded. The model we helped develop is now spreading across the US and delivering profound benefits to tens of thousands of our most vulnerable young people. 


Does your organization want to dramatically accelerate your impact? If so, let’s talk. We can help you make your dreams of impact a reality. 

In its first years of operation, My Green Lab had an encouraging start helping major companies improve their sustainability. Their ambitious board and leadership team hired Altruist to dramatically scale up their impact.  

Wonderland Child and Family Services helps families with children prenatally exposed to toxins, the number one cause of intellectual disability in the United States, now affecting one in ten newborns. Leaders were ambitious to have broader impact and hired Altruist to help. 


Improving food security through agricultural research is one of the most effective and efficient ways to improve society, especially in developing countries. But investment in the space is a fraction of what is needed to help over 800 people who don’t have enough to eat every day. Until one visionary partnered with Altruist to start changing that.  


GCP, a global industry association of over 100 growers, retailers, roasters, traders and NGOs, hired Altruist to transform its strategy and business model to benefit millions of small farmers around the world. The early results are encouraging. 

This leading public radio station hired Altruist to redefine its relevance to the community and launch new strategies for listener engagement and earned and contributed revenue growth.

Altruist helped VITALtalk develop from a startup to today’s fast-growing, multi-million dollar nonprofit enterprise that is transforming how we treat the terminally ill.

For over 100 years, Bellevue LifeSpring served low-income families and children with material assistance and services. After years of steady service to the community, it partnered with Altruist and tripled its growth and impact.

SERI, a nonprofit chartered to develop robust electronic recycling guidelines, looked to Altruist to strengthen its organization, recruit partners, and grow its revenue & impact.

Altruist helped this national recognized early learning center catalyze a remarkable increase its fundraising and also align teachers, staff and families around shared values.

KSPS, one of the nation’s first public television stations, retained Altruist to help it navigate fundamental shifts in the media landscape. The results were dramatic.

With an innovative program that helps low-income students succeed in school, InvestED partnered with Altruist to dramatically expand its services across the state to hundreds of thousands of new young people.

Eden hired Altruist to help it achieve an audacious goal around climate change mitigation and poverty alleviation: be the first organization to plant 1 billion trees, the world’s largest reforestation effort by far. The result? Goal accomplished. 


Does your organization want to dramatically accelerate your impact? If so, let’s talk. We can help you make your dreams of impact a reality. 

Our Clients

Since 2006, we have served these and many other organizations across the US and around the world, from community-based groups and startups to major foundations, universities, hospitals and international NGOs.


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