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Since launching Eden in 2006, founder and CEO Dr. Stephen Fitch led Eden to great success by 2019. They had developed the best-in-field method for restoring forest ecosystems around the tropics, planting millions of trees per month and employing thousands from local communities desolated by the social and economic harms of deforestation. Already at a scale and cost effectiveness far beyond comparable efforts, Dr. Fitch wanted the roadmap to an audacious goal: be the first to plant 1 billion trees, and plant 50 billion by 2030. If successful, the social and environmental impact would be hundreds, even thousands of times greater than any previous effort, public or private, to restore ecosystems and communities ravaged by fires, disease, forest conversion and other extractive practices. 



Altruist was retained to develop and help execute the plan to achieve this moonshot. Eden needed a robust growth strategy, scalable programmatic and operational infrastructure, and a world class team to raise the funds and execute the vital work. 

The first part of this audacious goal is already achieved. Eden planted 180M trees in 2020; 360M in 2021; and they surpassed a cumulative total of 1 billion in June of 2022. Annual revenue grew from $19.4M in 2020 to a projected $60M in 2022. Today Eden is far and away the world’s largest, and, at less than $0.15 per tree, also the world’s most efficient reforestation nonprofit. And it’s just the beginning. Eden is on track to re-plant the billions of trees required to support communities, restore ecosystems, and sequester carbon at the scale the world’s urgent challenges demand. 


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