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Every year in the United Each year in the US, hundreds of thousands of children are exposed to alcohol, drugs, and other non-environmental toxic substances before they are born. While these exposures injure the developing fetal brain, the damage is all too easy to miss in infants. These injuries disrupt the child’s ability to learn, lead to behavior problems at home and in school, and too often result in lifelong dependency and disability.

With so many children and familes suffering with undiagnosed challegnges, Wonderland partnered with Altruist to accelerate the national movement to expose and treat the silent epidemic of prenatal exposure to alcohol and other substances, the #1 cause of childhood developmental delays and lifelong physical and behavioral challenges among adults in the US.


Altruist partnered with the organization’s staff and board to develop a new, comprehensive business plan to articulate the goals, strategies, measures, and financing to create a vanguard effort to name this epidemic, bring it out from the shadows of stigma and blame, and accelerate both comprehensive treatment programs and sustained prevention campaigns that promise to end to this preventable and widespread trauma.

After consulting with the leading academics, clinical practitioners and advocates working in the field today, Wonderland launched its effort in 2020 and acheived dramatic wins in its first years of execution, including expanding its clinical and service capacity, opening in new locations, and leading the effort to draft and pass a new Washington State law to expand funding and support for families with children impacted by prenatal exposure to toxics (see the press release). Of course, being an Altruist client, the organization transformed its fundraising office, establishing a new Investment and Partnership team that is already generating millions in new revenue, including a $3m investment in its new clinical service arm.  

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“Altruist was a trusted catalyst to help us achieve a successful acceleration
of our revenue and impact.”

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