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Like you, we are altruists. Nothing is more important than helping your organization amplify its growth and impact. So let’s capture all the potential to make the world better—together.  

Our Methods
Our Methods

Proven to catalyze growth & impact

We provide you with a complete management platform to catalyze and sustain your growth and impact, one carefully calibrated to your unique team, culture and goals.

Our Story

Donald Summers (CEO, Altruist) talks with New Day host Margaret Larson on King5 about Altruist Partners and scaling social impact.

Our Team

Expert hands-on partners to make your biggest dreams of impact a reality. 

Donald Summers Founder & CEO
Donald is the designer behind some of the world's most successful social impact efforts.
David Lilly Consultant
David is a management consulting blackbelt who has built successful companies in multiple categories.
Madhu Singh Legal Counsel
Madhu lives at the nexus of law, entrepreneurship and social impact. Effective, practical counsel who leaves people loving lawyers.
Stacy Towles COO
A former change leader at Intel, Stacy has catalyzed over 900 million dollars of new revenue for her organizations.
Vu Do Digital Strategist
Vu is one of the top website designers and e-commerce experts out there (he built this website).
Tasha Irvine Consultant
Tasha has a long track record of successfully analyzing problems, building solutions and helping the community with data, ideas and partnerships.
Ian Hanna Practice Lead, Sustainability
Ian is the lead strategist at the center of today's most important sustainability initiatives.
Mark Dunlap Grant Specialist
Mark is one of the top grant writers in the field. Bottom line: he's written grants that have netted over $100 million.
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Begin with a pro bono analysis and consultation with your board and leadership team. Contact us and to discuss the potential. In the meantime, enjoy our white papers and articles for clear, actionable information that moves you forward.