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Challenge: For over 100 years, Bellevue LifeSpring has delivered food, clothing, and other financial and material assistance to the city’s low-income families and children. In the past decade, the demand for this support has increased dramatically. Like so many other high-tech regions around the country, sustained cost of living increases leave more and more families facing food insecurity, at risk of eviction, and largely unable to provide their children the activity and educational support necessary to foster optimum learning and development. In the city where so many leading corporations call home, where no house in many neighborhoods sells for under a million dollars, over 4,000 children now live below the federal poverty line. 

In 2019, the organization’s board and staff recognized that, despite the organization’s positive reputation and history of hard work, they needed to dramatically grow their programs and fundraising to meet the burgeoning demand for services and support. 


Altruist’s rigorous organizational assessment revealed untapped opportunities for growth and impact. The consulting team then worked closely with the board, Executive Director and staff to sharpen the organization’s program strategy, identify key performance indicators, and improve its fundraising strategy and execution. The Executive Director and board of directors led the process, and the resulting business plan targeted a deeper relationship with Bellevue’s school district and an ambitious budget increase from $2.6 to $4.2 million.  

To fuel the plan, Altruist helped the organization build a new fundraising team and management process that, in the first year of deployment, increased contribution and grant revenue over 300% and decreased the cost-per-dollar-raised by over 30%– all in the face of the global pandemic. In addition to the revenue growth, the board, Executive Director and staff report an enhanced, more focused and supportive culture; a new focus on key metrics to drive organizational performance; and an optimism in the face of profound societal challenges. 

Jennifer Fischer

My advice to nonprofit CEOs looking to accelerate their growth and impact: hire Altruist.

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