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Challenge: Since 1963, InvestED has provided students need-based funding for shoes, glasses, sports equipement, high school academic and college application fees, and other items that allow youth to engage and succeed in school. While serving almost 25,000 students annually, in 2016 InvestED’s leadership hired Altruist to help it reach more of the 500,000 students across Washington state who face profound financial barriers every day that hamper their performance in school and exclude them from extracurricular activities.


Partnering with Altruist, InvestED adopted an ambitious goal, focused its program strategy, and launched a disciplined execution pathway in 2016 that, by 2020, delivered over $10m in new revenue and increased service reach from 25,000 to over 300,000 students. Impact is captured via robust, transparent metrics around student attendance, academic achievement and extra-curricular engagement, part of the agency’s fearless pursuit an audacious goal to close the achievement gap among underserved youth. Today the organization is considering how it can reach all of the nearly 500,000 public school students in Washington State from low-income families.

Joyce W

Altruist gave a huge boost to our strategy, revenue and results measurement. They are our strategic partner in this work.

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