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Challenge: Over 60,000 doctors and clinicians across the United States care for terminally ill patients every year. But a lack of training around having tough conversations with family and loved ones was creating tremendous friction and leading to suboptimal care, professional burnout and heartache. Three of the nation’s leading palliative care physicians had developed a training program funded by the National Institutes of Health, and they needed guidance to launch their social enterprise.


Starting with the business planning, board development, fundraising and execution guidance provided by Altruist, VITALtalk emerged from aspirational startup to today’s fast-growing, multi-million dollar nonprofit enterprise that is making rapid progress to reach all the doctors, nurses and clinicians who work with the terminally ill and their family and loved ones. Quality of care is way up, costs are down, and this systemic solution is on its way to scale.

Dr Anthony Black

Altruist is terrific at crafting a big vision and then drilling down on the details. Smart, flexible, experienced, great strategic thinking.

Dr. Anthony Black

Founder, VITALtalk

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