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Challenge: For over 25 years, Treehouse had helped foster children with material assistance and educational support, and now the organization set its sight on an ambitious goal: double high school graduation rates for all foster youth in all 125 high schools in King County, Washington. They needed a new plan, millions in new and sustained funding, focused outcomes measurement, and tools for disciplined execution and continuous improvement. Treehouse turned to Altruist for comprehensive solutions for this audacious growth and performance goal.


In one of the most remarkable nonprofit success stories in decades, in four years, Treehouse increased high school graduation rates for all foster children in King County from a baseline of 39% to nearly 90%. The organization’s budget has increased from $6m to over $18m; staff increased from 75 to over 150; and the number of school partners has grown from 26 to nearly 300, reaching almost 8,000 foster youth each year. Altruist catalyzed this remarkable growth via a long-term, trusting partnership with the Board of Directors, executive staff and team.

There is likely no other demographic confronting as many barriers to graduation as foster youth. Treehouse’s consistent record of unparalleled success with foster youth across an entire region and increasingly across Washington State points to the clear and exciting potential for national dissemination and duplication of this model. We know how to dramatically improve the life trajectory of all students impacted by adverse childhood experiences, poverty and racism, and we at Altruist look forward to sharing what we’ve learned. 


Altruist is a phenomenal catalyst for growth and impact. Transformational.

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