Agile Nonprofits: How to Pivot and Grow during Covid Recovery

1:00 to 2:30 PST Wednesday July 22

About: If you need to adapt your nonprofit to today’s new realities, this workshop is for you.  How do we continue to raise money and deliver services in today’s environment? What does growth and sustainability for our organization look like now? Join this interactive seminar and discover proven methods your organization can use to adapt — and even thrive. Because more people need you, more than ever. 

Who Should Attend: Board members and executive staff of nonprofits. 

Agenda & Pre-reading: Attendees will get the full benefit of this in-depth workshop if they come prepared. Follow the links in the agenda below.

1. Introduction: Nonprofit Agility and Enterprise Best Practices in Times of Rapid Change

2. Overview of Tools & Critical Success Factors for Impact and Growth

3. Workshop:  Develop Your Post-Covid Business Model