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Board Leadership Summit

Learn the most effective, powerful ways to use your resources to create the greatest impact for your organization.

2 Full Days

$ 495
  • All tools, templates, and materials included!
  • All tools, templates, and materials included.

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workshop Summary

Create an Impact

Finally there are clear, proven answers and practical tools and approaches to the many questions and challenges nonprofit board members face in today’s rapidly evolving nonprofit sector.

What does it take to speed up organizational performance and impact? How can we do better at raising money? What’s the best way to plan so the document isn’t stuck on a shelf? Are there better ways to supervise and support the CEO? What if we need an executive transition?

And how to do we get this all accomplished in a way that doesn’t demand endless meetings and constant pressure to ask my friends for money?

Attend this seminar to learn the most effective, powerful ways to use your resources to create the greatest impact for your organization.


Who should attend

Nonprofit Executive Directors


How we'll do it

We’ll review case studies, briefly examine the relevant literature, review templated, step-by-step processes to optimized your current team and find the right board members, and explore Altruist’s suite of concise, powerful governance tools that give board members the right information at the right time.


What we'll cover

At this two day seminar, board members will learn:
  • The three core job requirements of every board member (and what you shouldn’t be doing.)
  • When to say no to requests you help with fundraising—and when to say yes
  • How to support and supervise your ED for maximum organizational effectiveness
  • How to align your board around a shared vision and actionable plan
  • Where and how to access the capital and revenue you need to thrive—not just survive
  • The best ways to capture and use data around organizational performance, revenue and impact.

  • How to do all this with even a limited amount of time and energy—and with a minimal of long meetings.

Reserve your seats now. Pay Later.

Reserve Your Seats Now. Pay Later

We run this seminar approximately once a quarter and limit attendees to 25. Sign up now to reserve your place on the next one.