altruist workshop

Fundraising Acceleration

Learn the most efficient, effective ways to raise money for your nonprofit.

2 Full Days

$ 495
  • All tools, templates, and materials included!
  • All tools, templates, and materials included.

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workshop Summary

Fuel Your Mission

The vast majority of nonprofits are raising only a fraction of their potential revenue. From gifts and grants to corporate partnerships and agency funding to earned income and invested capital, join this hands-on seminar to learn the most effective strategies for accessing, sustaining and growing the revenue you need to fuel your mission.

Who should attend

Nonprofit fundraising staff, executive directors, board members, and anyone who wants to learn the most powerful ways to generate revenue for nonprofits


How we'll do it

Programs that are well-funded and fully staffed. Good pay and benefits for the team. Adequate investment in technology and infrastructure. Happy, engaged board members who actively participate in growing the organization. Find out how to pay for it all at this seminar.

What we'll cover

Participants leave this intensive, hands-on two day seminar with a suite of customized revenue strategies and step-by-step process on how to implement. You’ll learn how to:
  • Set ambitious but achievable goals
  • Engage high net-worth individuals, major companies, and large foundations
  • Explore a full range of earned income opportunity, from consulting to licensing to real estate
  • Build a business case for impact capital
  • Get your board and staff working together as a team
  • Hire, train and keep great fundraising staff
  • How to build the reports and track the data to support it all—the whole system runs on 2 sheets of paper and you’ll get both at this seminar.

Reserve your seats now. Pay Later.

Reserve Your Seats Now. Pay Later

We run this seminar approximately once a quarter and limit attendees to 25. Sign up now to reserve your place on the next one.