altruist workshop

Nonprofit Executive

Learn how to apply the very best planning & execution tools, examine case studies, and leave with a complete set of follow up informations and means of support.

2 Full Days

$ 495
  • All tools, templates, and materials included!
  • All tools, templates, and materials included.

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workshop Summary

A Fresh Approach

Life as a nonprofit executive is challenging: high stress, modest pay at best, and a highly complex, fluid landscape with multiple stakeholders and endless, shifting demands. Despite all the challenges, there’s a proven way forward to run your organization successfully, no martyrdom required. Join us for an executive retreat that will give you a fresh set of tools and approaches to make order out of chaos and take your program, governance, fundraising and staff to the next level.

Who should attend

Nonprofit Executive Directors, CEOs, and senior program staff aspiring to leadership positions.

How we'll do it

Participants will examine case studies, learn how to apply the very best planning and execution tools, and leave with a complete set of follow up information and means of support.

What we'll cover

You’ll find clear solutions and actionable information to answer the big questions:
  • My org is struggling with fundraising and we continue to spin our wheels. How do we build traction?

  • How to I get my board to pay attention? How do I get them to help me raise money?
  • I’m always putting out fires. How do I tame crazytown?
  • I’d love to reduce turnover and do something about employee compensation. How?

  • Funders are driving me crazy for data. What’s the most efficient, streamlined way to answer all these questions?

  • We need a new strategic plan. How to we build one that people use?

Reserve your seats now. Pay Later.

Reserve Your Seats Now. Pay Later

We run this seminar approximately once a quarter and limit attendees to 25. Sign up now to reserve your place on the next one.